Sofa Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai Sharjah Ajman 050 6069211

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Sofa Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai Sharjah Ajman 050 6069211

Sofa Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai Sharjah Ajman 050 6069211

Professional Upholstery cleaning company in UAE

Expert Sofa Carpet Cleaning Services offering its best and unique cleaning services all over the UAE. Having team of and expert and professional cleaner and the best thing is that we have latest tools, technologies and techniques to make sure that our customer(s) is/are 100% satisfied, We are here to introduce you what Expert Cleaning Services is capable of

Sofa cleaning services

If you have sofa and you want to make it clean well then there are following types of main cleaning we are providing for sofa cleaning

• Sofa General Cleaning Services
• Sofa Shampooing cleaning
• Sofa Steam cleaning
• Removing light and dark stains and spot

Please note that mentioned methods we apply on only fabric material this technique is not not-well for leather sofa.

But now you are thinking or queries about then how we will do cleaning for leather sofa.
Well we can clean leather sofa after inspecting its color like if you have white sofa then the technique will be a different but for the dark colors we normally use polishing machines to remove its stains , its dirtiness and unclear stuff. Its needs to clean on the proper way otherwise if you hire non-professional company then sorry to tell you they will destroy it

Carpet Cleaning Services

Before telling you about carpet cleaning it is very essential to give you litter bit introduction about carpet and it types because our branch is only in UAE and 90 % of our customers use these type of carpets in their house | home | office | restaurant | villa and majlis

There are different Types of carpet piles
• uncut carpet pile
• cut carpet pile
• saxony cut pile
• taxtured cut pile
• frieze cut pile
• plush carpet pile

There are also more Types of carpet Fibers
• nylon carpet
• polyester carpets
• polypropylene carpet
• wool carpet

There are many machines and ways to clean sofa and carpet but the only thing make us different from our competitive is that we are capable of cleaning sofa and carpet on the spot at your place and due to our heavy duty domestic and viable vacuums we are able to dry that carpet on the stain or spot but when we have assignment to bring carpet at our place and clean it like mostly of clients running there laundries in UAE and we have to take their rug on our place the first process is to rinse any kind of dirt and dust from it with the help of vacuum cleaner then we put it into a hot water so its fabric convert to soft form then we shampooing it with machines and dry it .

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You can contact us at : 050 6069211

Sofa Cleaning Services Ajman Sharjah Dubai
Sofa Cleaning Services Ajman Sharjah Dubai


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