Want your house deep cleaned in Dubai ?

sanitisation and disinfection

Want your house deep cleaned in Dubai ?

The UAE cleaning companies offering at home sanitisation and disinfection services now a days. due to the virus infection spread everywhere in the world. There are many way to perform deep house cleaning with disinfection and sanitsation, we are explaining below the most important factors everyone consider for deep cleaning:-

First of all the home should be thoroughly cleaned, followed by a complete sanitisation and disinfection process, always direct the cleaning company to clean the home prior to santisation and disinfection process as this is very much important to do so.

Other cleaning guidelines offered by Dubai Municipality, and that residents can monitor, include:

  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces, floors, tops and furniture
  • Disinfection of bathroom and kitchen (all surfaces, tops, floors, mirrors, sinks, basins, showers, etc)
  • Disinfection of frequently touched areas (handles, light switches, door knobs, window handles, etc)
  • Vacuuming and steaming of carpets and rugs
  • The service provider should use biocides and chemicals that are safe to use in the home and office
  • The service provider should provide their workers with the right PPE (protective equipment) to ensure their workers are safe
  • The service provider should dispose of all cleaning materials used in the service (for example, the cloth and PPE used) upon completion of the service
  • The service provider should keep the AC on and the area properly ventilated throughout the process

After following all above cleaning guidelines, you can be assure that your home is having proper sanitisation and Disinfection of your home. The is the part of Deep cleaning services.

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