Sofa Cleaning in Sharjah

Professional Sofa Cleaning Services Sharjah

We carry out a specialist settee cleaning service for domestic properties and business buildings, and can additionally work with other upholstery and drapes. Our professional team will complete an intensive cleanse of the sofas, making them appear just like new once again. Our specialists employ a precise and extensive service so that the furniture is spotless and looks great. We complete premium quality maintenance for both domestic and commercial establishments at affordable prices. Just by completing an intensive cleanse, we eradicate marks, odours, dust and dirt from the floor carpet and help to enhance its longevity.

We're focused on first-rate customer service and providing the highest quality furniture cleaning service possible. To give you the greatest results, our specialists always use professional standard products which are strong on debris but sensitive with your furniture. Our clients can range between commercial and domestic; we undertake carpet and furniture cleansing for anybody who needs it.

100% safe and non-toxic. Our cleaning process also involves less water and more heat than other lounge cleaning processes available, which ensures that your upholstery, is protected from mould, mildew and bacteria growth. Why not give your upholstery the beautiful clean look it deserves Home Maintenance will give it that look it deserves. We offer a full service steam cleaning and dry cleaning to remove dirt; allergens dust mites, and pet dander from your furniture. Depending on the types of fibres our certified technicians can clean and help bring your furniture back to life.

How it Works

Once you make a Booking our Supervisor will first do a full Inspection before starting the Cleaning in order to determine the kind of Treatment required taking into consideration factors such as:

  • Whether you have Children or Pets
  • Any allergies anyone in the household may suffer from.
  • After a Full Survey, The Cleaning Treatment will Start and can take anything from Thirty Minutes to a Full Day depending on the Scope of work.

    Step 1

    Your Sofa / Carpet / Bed will be Deep Vacuumed with an Industrial Grade Machine getting rid of any Dust Mites or other Creepy Crawlies.

    Step 2

    Any marks or stains will be spot cleaned with Eco-Friendly products

    Step 3

    Your Sofa / Carpet / Bed will then be Shampoo Cleaned and Steamed

    Step 4

    And for the last Stage all excess Water and dirt will be extracted leaving your upholstery completely sanitised and ready to use within 2 – 4 hours.

    Our Cleaning Technicians has been trained to Take Care of the following:

  • Sofa Cleaning and Shampooing
  • Carpet Cleaning and Shampooing
  • Mattress Deep Cleaning and Sanitisation
  • Steam cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Foam cleaning
  • Curtains & Blinds Cleaning
  • Office Carpets and Chairs Cleaning
  • Leather Sofa Cleaning
  • Rug cleaning

  • For all kinds of expert Upholstery Cleaning Services, Call us | WhatsApp | Book Online

    All out work is 100% guaranteed and if for any reason you are unhappy with the Cleaning Service we will come back and do the job again at no cost.


    Our Core Services are as there

    • Sofa Cleaning Services
    • Sofa Deep Cleaning Services
    • Sofa Shampooing Cleaning Services
    • Carpet Cleaning Services

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    Professional Upholstery cleaning company in UAEExpert Sofa Carpet Cleaning Services offering its best and unique cleaning services all over the UAE. Having team of and expert and professional cleaner and the best thing is that we have latest tools, technologies and techniques to make sure that our customer(s) is/are 100% satisfied, We are here to introduce you what Expert Cleaning Services is capable ofSofa cleaning servicesIf you have sofa and you want to make it clean well then there are following types of main cleaning we are providing for sofa cleaningSofa General Cleaning Services